Founded by Dr. Jason Martin


Welcome to Jason Martin Ministries, a first class ministry of excellence, that empowers lives with God's word.

Every time you sow online, you will receive a powerful word from God and be lifted up in prayer.

Many partners of Jason Martin Ministries sow everyday based on the revelation that God gave Dr. Jason Martin from Ecclesiastes 11:6: "A Daily Seed Brings A Daily Harvest." 

Testimonies come in from our partners on a regular basis of financial miracles that God has brought to pass from their sowing! We look forward to hearing about the great divine results you will receive from sowing into this prosperous Kingdom soil!!

Jason Martin Ministries was founded by Dr. Martin in 2008 with a vision to minister the gospel with a spirit of excellence. It is the evangelistic arm of Abundant Faith International Christian Center. Not only is Dr. Martin an anointed speaker, he is also a gifted psalmist. Through Jason Martin Ministries God has given him the ability to share his music with the world.

If you are truly ready to grow join us this Sunday at 11am!

Abundant Faith International @ 13917 Smokey Pt. Blvd. Marysville, WA 98271

See You Then!